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For clients who qualify, we offer fee-based advisory services. Through our firm, you can take advantage of a variety of value-added money management programs in which an annual fee replaces traditional commission charges. Through these programs, we can assist you in developing a portfolio that balances your needs for growth and/or current income and will review your portfolio’s performance quarterly, semiannually and/or annually.


The investment managers who look after your portfolio are selected from among the industry’s most seasoned, proven professionals. Each has met our rigorous standards and brings impressive experience in a particular asset class and investment style. Managers are reviewed on a regular basis to assess performance, adherence to strategy and other aspects of their operations.


Once we have decided on the right portfolio, your personal investment strategy is kept on track by disciplined portfolio management every step of the way:

Ensuring Managers Perform to Plan. Our firm monitors all of the managers to ensure they stay close to their mandate and your investment plan remains consistent with its stated risk-return profile.

Ongoing Monitoring and Rebalancing. The portfolios are monitored regularly and rebalanced to maintain their targeted fund weightings in an attempt to avoid the negative effects the arise when asset mixes drift o  target.

Detailed Statements. You receive statements with extensive information about your portfolio.


All Securities Offered Through The Investment Center, Inc. Bedminster, NJ Member FINRA/SIPC.
Advisory Services Provided Through IC Advisory Services, Inc. –An SEC Registered Investment Advisor.
Latimer Wealth Management is not affiliated with The Investment Center, Inc. or IC Advisory Services, Inc.